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Hennie van Loggerenberg

Hennie van Loggerenberg

Art tells the story – a story. Whether a stil life, portrait, landscape, it will provoke something, because it is personal. 

My passion however – portraits and still-life. Done with absolute precision when it comes to balance and contrast to perfection. Without that, I dare to say, my art is empty.

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Justine Storm

I learned to value and even need beautiful environments because of the wonderful rest to the soul that they provide. Bringing beauty to people is like providing a balm for the weary soul. We have to stop and cherish what is precious and my favorite way to do this is to try, in my little way, to provide beauty wherever and whenever I can. I feel that in the midst of the mundane of life, we have to have the sacred.  

I would love my work to reflect something of the nature of the one I am inspired by and my hope is that in some way it will connect the viewers with him and bring rest to their souls. My favorite medium to work with is oil paint. Because the paint stays wet longer, something can be reworked until it ‘speaks’ what you really want it to say. Also, as colors merge together they ‘say’ different or unexpected things that I find exciting to witness.

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Malan Louw

Malan Louw

I love everything about film photography. The feel of leather and cold steel of the vintage cameras, the organic process of exposing and developing the film.  I’m a big fan of good coffee and love the idea of also developing my film in it. Love it!

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Zahn Engelbrecht

Zahn Engelbrecht

I am married to an awesome Godly man, have 3 beautiful kids and a cat.

I love painting with acrylics…I find they give nice contrast, texture and depth to my art.

A painting must speak and communicate to you. I want my paintings to evoke feelings from within you when you look at them. 

I want my paintings to inspire people to think further than what they know, think or feel. When you look at a painting I like that you connect to it through an emotion, and that’s what I want to happen for people who hang one of my paintings.

I want others to enjoy my paintings and feel the emotions of hope, love and peace, and to have a sense of a God who loves them

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