Our story

We love God. We love art. We love people.

Nice to meet you. Okay, so more about us…

We are a creative husband and wife duo from the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.

Some of our favourite things about SA is the vibrance and the people, the communities and the creativity.

We love to find eccentric pieces and meet people and artist with new and quirky ideas and the not-always-perfect, but very functional (or not ) solutions. We just love the diversity. South Africa is very rich in the arts and we are really enjoying every bit of being part of it.

So, how did NOT SO STANDart come to be?

Well, glad you asked. We felt the Lord lay it on our hearts to work on a platform for our very talented artist friends to expose and sell their art.  We ended up having a gathering, a meeting, and more gatherings and decided to get our hands dirty and get this platform up and running.

As investors, we see and appreciate value. Sometimes we find value where no one else is looking, and that forms a big slice or share of what investing is all about, isn’t it?  One of our favourite currencies to invest in is people. This is also God’s currency, and that makes it a very good investment. Back to our story. We do family. Why not? It’s wholesome, it’s fun and it’s the strongest model. We apply this model to everything we do. We believe and trust in this model so much, we ourselves have a big family, and we are loving it!  We have 5 beautiful children who we love and believe in (like our folks do us). You were wondering about it… 🙂

Our vision with NOT SO STANDart is to stock and supply superior quality artworks with great value and awesome investment opportunities that will beautify your space.   And with that, welcome and have a look around all the beautiful artworks.

– Malan & Kari Louw